Satisfied employees are healthier, happier and do more!

You also identify with your company and change employers less. Take advantage of new psychological insights such as LUXXprofile Management Diagnostics

STEP4WARD Management Consulting recommens: Develop your human capital and the individual personality stronger! Lern more about the intrinsically based development at the heart of the company’s development.

It is about the individual appreciation and development of the human resource in the company on the basis of modern motivation/brain research.
In order to understand and live the method of appreciative employee development, a rethink and a psychologically positive and oriented willingness of all participants to learn and change is required. The method is top down and starts with the top management level.

Meaningful measures here can be, for example: change readiness analysis, analysis of uncertainties and fears, value analysis, motivation profiling, strategy workshops, systemic management consulting, project-specific interim management, Company consulting, training, or coaching.
Which measures and which project time horizon are/is most useful for their company should each company then, with the support of our more than 20 years of industry experience and the orientation semanised on the basis of our first joint discussions, recommendations, offers and concepts can be answered for themselves.

The person-centered company development conveys to all people in their company a strength-oriented human-focused vision and mission, which can be well combined with the existing company values. The individual strengths of all people in the company are promoted with accompanying measures around the development of an open and appreciative communication culture and the promotion of needs-oriented employee management. The identification of the company, the task increases sustainably, so that the sick rate decreases, the motivation increases and thus success and performance.

Even today, most employees are missing out on the fact that their companies and managers give them too little transparency, a say, team spirit, trust, flexibility, or to live up to them. If you want your company to increase empathy and self-responsibility, we will be happy to introduce you to the findings from science, as well as some successful projects.
It is about promoting the communicative and empathetic skills of managers and professionals. In addition, a reflected self/priority management. The attitude, impact and behaviour of people in their company will be strengthened, as will the personal handling of changes, stress and interpersonal conflicts. The methodology teaches people in the company how a high degree of behavioural variance can be shown depending on the situation and the person without appearing inauthentic.
This has a positive effect in daily communication internally and externally.

“Your time is limited. So doesn’t waste it by living the lives of others. Do not be dominated by dogmas that are the result of the thoughts of others. Don’t let the noise of others cover your own inner voice”.

(Steve Jobs)